About Us

Two old souls that thought- “what is the point of having all of this knowledge if we don’t use it to assist others”

Our mission is to provide people with the spiritual tools to assist them with their personal growth. 

  • Empowering femininity
  • Welcoming all individuals
  • Supporting through vulnerable times
  • Helping you have light bulb moments & celebrating the awakened moments
  • Connecting you with your higher consciousness


Barefoot Billie is predominately for Women who would like to explore their femininity and through self- discovery, connect with their spiritual self and higher consciousness.
This will collectively assist you to propel steadily forward and lead to success in all areas of your life.

We believe that most individuals generally have the answers they seek and we want to help people tap into their existing knowledge to allow them to be the best version of themselves. 

Life is forever changing and we are continually learning. Its your perception of every situation and how you respond and adapt to those changes that really matters. 

Join us on our journey while we help you on yours.
Explore our range of products and follow our regular blog posts for wise words.

Buying from a small business means so much more than you know. Your purchase whether it be big or small, helps our business grow. With ambitions to expand our product list and wow our customers further- your support will help us get there! 

Happy shopping. 

B.B x