Gemstone Pendulum

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Pendulums are used to connect & get answers

You likely already know that pendulums are an excellent way to tap into your higher consciousness and get answers you cannot get in your normal waking beta state of mind.

Our beautiful gemstone pendulum is perfect help tap into the higher consciousness.

Everything you are surrounded by is energy. Take a look around you. The chair you sit on, the walls of your home, the car you drive. It is all energy.

You can use your pendulum to channel this beautiful energy to help find answers and the guidance you seek.

When you start out, you need to calibrate your pendulum to see which way your pendulum moves with your energy. You do this by holding the pendulum above your palm- having the tip of the pendulum hover around the centre of your palm. Ask your pendulum to swing in the direction of "NO" and swing in the direction of "YES". Simply say stop to control your pendulum and have it return to the centre of your palm. 

Once you have the base, you can start to ask the important questions you seek answers to.