Why Journaling is so beneficial


Putting pen to paper is almost so foreign to us as we use technology like it’s our second nature.

We forget how liberating it is to write a to do list and physically cross those tasks off by running a line through the task with pen.

When we write down each day how we are feeling, our fears, our strengths & weakness’, our highlights and lowlights – we are doing our wellbeing a massive favour.

Simply by writing those things down we are alleviating stress and anxiety that comes along with bottling our thoughts up... It’s a free form of counselling and no one’s even physically in front of us!!!

Writing things down will also help with clarity enormously. As you write in your journal each day you are mentally unpacking all of the things you have stored over time.

This allows you to come to terms with things as well as see things from the bigger picture. Journaling and alone time go hand in hand – the beauty of having no one around is that you have no one to influence your thoughts, feelings and actions. Spending time alone is great as it allows you to truly evaluate and be completely truthful with yourself.

Very valuable advice I once received was to schedule time in each day or start off with once a week, to write in your diary - I prefer doing this before bed rather than scrolling on my phone. Give yourself a MINIMUM amount of time, for an example you could say I am going to sit here and write for at least 20 minutes. 
This is because people often stop writing after only a few short minutes and the best thoughts come through after this period. Its almost as if your subconscious runs wild when you are forced to open up and write. 

Now is also a perfect time to revisit your goals that you may have written down at the beginning of 2020. 
I have no doubt that you have been somewhat affected by the current Pandemic (Codiv19) and your vision board or goals that were set will most definitely have to be revisited and possibly tweaked or re-invented. It’s important to keep in mind that there's absolutely nothing with changing/tweaking/reinventing goals - you cannot always control what happens in your life, but you CAN control the way you react and the actions you take to move forward. 

A great activity to begin with to get you to start thinking would be to jump right in and put pen to paper. Make some headings like: Fears, Highlights and Lowlights. Begin to scribble pictures, words or statements that pop into your head. 

If you would like to get into setting intentions and thinking about your future, another great activity is writing down;

What would I like the next 3 days to look like?

What would I like the next 3 weeks to look like?

What would I like the next 3 months to look like?

What would I like the next 3 years to look like? 

This is great to get you to start thinking about what you value most and what you would like to strive for within your desired time frame. 

HAPPY JOURNALING - remember there's never a wrong or right way and even if what you write gets chucked in the bin, you have mentally decluttered.

BB x