Why Coronavirus is a long awaited shift for the human collective

Be comforted dear soul. For there is always light behind the clouds. 

I think we can all agree that this major life change/health crisis creates a very uncertain feeling, an enormous amount of tension, leaving us feeling powerless.

Personally, I haven’t felt very afraid of this situation as I KNOW that this a massive shift for the human collective, changing the way we live and think forever.

This is a fantastic time to release your attachment to old ways and routines of doing things, a chance to reflect and let go - Creating space for something new to emerge.

I believe that this virus (not the virus in particular but this shift) is teaching us a few things…

Together we are becoming more Spiritually Awakened.

Staying at home to rest

We were not made to work 5, 6, 7 days a week for the rest of our life. For some reason we are conditioned to think that that’s the society norm.
Why do we think that is our purpose? All of the money in the world will not bring you happiness.

We need to value the good health of our family and friends over money. Money will return, precious time with loved ones will not

Providing for your family may be a very important value of yours, but so is spending time with your loved ones and creating memories.


Alone time

How underrated is alone time. A fundamental step to personal growth.

We often need to rest, be alone with our thoughts, create and connect with our passion and desires.
Have dedicated time to working on our personal goals and regularly revisiting them.

Its so very important to take a moment to breathe and listen to our bodies. We are always listening to our mind, but our minds are the biggest manipulators.

When we spend time to nurture our body, care for it and listen to what its telling us – we become our own healers.


Connecting with our roots

What I mean by this is going back to basics. We have all seen the majority going out and panic buying due to the virus.

But we never considered cutting down on all of the pleasures in the world and cutting down on the things we consume….

How greedy have we become?

We are so reliant on the government and a faulty system that lacks direction and reasoning.

Connecting with our roots means going back to basics and remembering that we are so very capable.

We need to begin to learn how to live off of the land again. How to find our own food, how to grow our own fruit and vegetables and how to heal from nature.


Environmentally conscious

There has never been a more important time to be environmentally conscious.

Mother Earth is literally crying out for help as we have turned a blind eye for so very long.

The drought, bush fires, floods and now the virus wiping out the population, us humans ARE THE VIRUS.

If there’s one good thing that has come out of this epidemic, it’s that since us humans have spent more time at home, the more Mother Earth has begun healing.

Nature provides us with infinite holistic healing, we need to show the same love and care she provides us with.


Health comes first

I will repeat this again, we need to value the food health of ourselves, our family and friends over money.

Put your mental health as the biggest priority of all. Feed your wellbeing with reading books, going for walks, grounding, even drinking a cup of tea in the morning outside…

Stay connected with all of your loved ones, tell them your thinking about them.

Do all of the simple things in life that make you happy.


People don’t work for money, they work for time.   

Time = freedom. We should be shifting out mindset that money isn’t the most important thing, TIME is.

This might be an intense time, but it may be emphasising ways of living that are no longer sustainable. This includes situations where priorities are contradicting the natural order of things.
Trust in the divine timing, as we are only clearing out the old to make room for the new- reinventing our path. This is all a part of the plan and is a much needed change for us all.

 Together, we will heal.