Tips for shifting your attitude amongst the madness


When everyone around you is negative*

I have had my fair share of change as of late and the biggest turning point for me what shifting my attitude to adapt to the change and move steadily forward. 
The number one thing I continue to remind myself to retain this positive attitude is that I have a CHOICE. We all have a CHOICE.

We get to choose how we react to the situations that present themselves. We get to choose the attitude we want to have each day. We have the choice to be positive and refrain from negativity that surrounds us. 

Below are some small tips that have also helped me immensely throughout this period of enormous change. 


Podcasts are extremely valuable to everyone. Its free and there is a wealth of knowledge we have access to. I think it’s important to remember that we have control of our destiny and there’s access to SO MANY free recourses that assist our journey of growth and knowledge. 
Personally, I use driving as the perfect opportunity to chuck on a podcast and learn OR my morning or afternoon walks when they have my full undivided attention. 


Ah this old chestnut - easier said than done, I know.
But again, you have a choice and choosing to refrain from negativity does absolute wonders to your wellbeing. It’s as simple as having no tolerance for negative behaviour, not allowing yourself to join in on gossip and the biggest and most difficult action to refrain from negativity is having social media breaks. It’s pretty hard not to be impacted when each day you scroll online and there's negative comments and false information circulating the internet, so it’s best to take regular breaks from the online world. Another great tip: no screen time an hour before bed. 


The most productive and successful people all harp on about the same tips, AN EARLY MORNING RISE. Typically waking up an hour earlier than normal gives you enough time to get organised for the day and set the tone for the remainder of your day. The amount of productivity you can accomplish by waking up at 5am is major. Everyone’s situation differs; you may have kids or work night shift, so alter this to suit you. But my morning routine consists of the following:

- wake up at 5am, go to the kitchen and drink a big glass of water with Lemon. 
- take my supplements and focus on my breathing for at least 10 deep breaths in and out. 
- morning exercise: I aim for an hour walk, or an intense home workout session. I find the only way I get this done is if I am prepared the night before with my gym clothes at hand. 
- I then allow enough time to cook a wholesome breakfast and get ready for work. Its an even more productive morning if I can squeeze in some journaling or reading. 


Whether it be in the morning or at night, everyone should have a self-care ritual. These are small consistent habits like applying skin care, flossing every day, using a jade roller, putting in a hair mask and making your bed each morning. It really makes a huge impact on how you feel and allows you to fall in love with yourself more and more each day. 


There are various grounding activities you can partake in and the purpose of these activities is to allow you to be present in the moment and encourages your body and mind to connect and work together. I will dive deeper into breathing techniques below as this is a very simple and effective grounding technique. Grounding activities include: Walking barefoot on the Earth (grounding), using your senses to be aware (open your eyes wide right now and look at all of the objects you can see with your vision), smelling your favourite scent, going for a walk and being fully present within nature - listening to every single sound and watching every single movement.  


The beauty of human connection can never be replaced. Those simple conversations with people where you ask curious questions, actively listen, respond accordingly and open up and share some truth!!! When you vent to someone you are instantly mentally unpacking and clearing space for fresh thoughts and creativity. Pick up your phone and facetime a friend or a family member, find a mentor that you can regularly connect with, get involved in a Zoom session (Zoom parties are a hit rn) and don't forget to be kind to all. A simple kind gesture can literally change someone’s life by picking up their spirits and shifting their mindset to move forward.. We always need to remember that importance of Community and connection ESPECIALLY in a tough time like now. Many hands make light work. 


It wasn't until I had practised some breathing techniques in the shower that I had realised how powerful simply breathing really is. Reading The Power of Now really helped me put into practise being fully present and its physically impossible to do so without focusing on your breathing. So, I tried this technique - by turning on the shower to the coldest temperature with a minute timer and simply focused on my breathing.... WOW! Mission accomplished. We are so much more powerful than our manipulating brain. Imagine the things we could accomplish if we were to consistently practise breathing techniques.
I remember in school when a student got very angry or frustrated the teacher would respond with OK, let’s just take a deep breath first. The reason being is that when you focus on your breathing you are completely in the present. When you begin to breathe deeply it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax and this simple technique could help so many people in bursts of frustration or anger. Give it a try.... (Google breathing techniques) 


I created a post for Journaling last week. As I continue my journey in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, I know how beneficial journaling is for growth. Each day what I write in my journal will differ and what I write is hardly the point. It’s the fact that I am getting my thoughts out on paper, it affirms the thoughts I am feeling, it creates goals and visions and it allows my subconscious to come through and shine. Please read my post on Why journaling is so beneficial :) 


A routine I have always attempted to consistently practise but have failed. It’s not until last fortnight that I made a commitment to myself to each day write in my diary something I am grateful for. Research shows that being thankful for people and situations can improve your physical and mental health. Why you ask? Because practicing gratitude is all about the feelings you have when you complete gratitude. It allows you to reflect, be thankful, share positivity and it highlights that what you put out into the universe is what you shall receive. What I mean by this is that if you are continually putting positivity, love and compassion out into the world - those are the things that will return to you. 

****TIP: Our Self Discovery Pack will really assist with shifting your attitude. It helps to know yourself and be confident with WHY you are the way you are and recognise unhealthy habits and behaviours in order to make positive changes. 

B.B x